Little Worlds watch face makes clever use of the Moto 360’s flat tire bezel

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Motorola’s “flat tire” bezel on the Moto 360 has been the subject of many jokes, but instead of rejecting that component of the watch like a bastardized step child, why not put it to some interesting use? This “Minimal and Elegant” watch face by Studio eXtreme does just that with its cool Little Worlds feature. What it does is simple: it uses the flat tire as the foundation for a silhouette of a city skyline, flowers on a hill or any other cool little thing you [Read Entire Story]

Motorola Drops Moto 360 Price to $165

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For anyone looking to purchase the most aesthetically pleasing smartwatch on the market, now’s your chance. The Moto 360, formerly $250, is now only $165. The discount will allow almost anyone to purchase the gorgeous piece of tech. The sale from the Google Store follows on the heels of a similar sale on Amazon, which means that Motorola is most likely trying to clear out old inventory to make room for the latest version of the smartwatch. So, if you’re the type of person who always [Read Entire Story]

Deal Alert: Google drops Moto 360 price to $165

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There have been plenty of excellent deals on Motorola’s Moto 360 smartwatch lately, but Google latest offers tops them all. The Moto 360 is now available for just $165 from the Google Store, a full $85 off the regular retail price. Now seems like the perfect opportunity to grab one if you’ve been putting off your purchase. The discount price includes your choice of black or stone leather straps and comes with the usual charging dock and wall charger. Motorola is also throwing in free shipping, [Read Entire Story]

[Deal] Select Motorola Moto 360 models discounted through Best Buy, Amazon

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Didn’t pre-order an Apple Watch? That’s probably because you don’t have an iPhone or you did not want to wait weeks or months to get a smartwatch. If you want one right now, maybe the Moto 360 is worth a look because both Best Buy and Amazon (which we mentioned earlier) have select models discounted. The Motorola smartwatch, which is powered by Android Wear, can be purchased for as low as $179. Check out the models listed in the links below. Let us know in the comments if you [Read Entire Story]

Moto Maker for the Moto 360 Hands-On: Pretty Watch Gets Prettier

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The last time we played around with Motorola’s Moto Maker it was for the original Moto X. You could change the color of the back, the front, the metal accents, and even add a custom engraving to the back. Well, Moto is back at it but this time with the Moto 360 smartwatch . Let’s check it out. Read more... SOURCE: Gizmodo - Read entire story here. [Read Entire Story]

Retailers slash Moto 360 pricing in wake of Apple Watch

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There’s little denying it: if you’re shopping for a smartwatch today, you’re looking at the Apple Watch. You may not end up buying Apple’s new wearable (and certainly, even if you are interested, you’re going to be waiting weeks and weeks –and weeks– until you get yours), but its arrival spells a whole new level of fierce competition for the rest of the smartwatch field. As such, ... Continue reading »The post Retailers slash Moto 360 pricing in wake of [Read Entire Story]

Deal: Moto 360 champagne gold model with 18mm band now just $260 (update)

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Update: Originally Amazon was offering the Moto 360 in champagne cgold with an 18mm band for $272.52 with free shipping, but they are discounting it even further starting today (4/9). The watch is now just $260. The Moto 360 might not have the greatest battery life or the fastest internals, but it still remains one of the best and most attractive Android Wear watches available on the market. For those looking for an even more premium looking take on the 360, Motorola offers a champagne gold [Read Entire Story]

Motorola’s “Smelt” Could be 360’s Successor

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Motorola’s Moto 360 was a revolutionary smartwatch when it was released last year, combining beautiful aesthetics with a powerful set of features above and below the hood. However, since its competitors have gotten their games up, Motorola’s flagship smartwatch has become just another face in the crowd. Hopefully, its successor, codenamed smelt, will bring Motorola back to the forefront of smartwatch design and capabilities. While we’ve already seen hints of the new Moto 360 [Read Entire Story]

A Motorola Android Wear device carrying the codename ‘Smelt’ could be the Moto 360 followup

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Even though the Moto 360 was late out the gate compared to Android Wear devices like the Samsung Gear Live or LG G Watch, it’s still considered a first gen Android Wear device. While there’s a lot that we loved about the Moto 360 — as mentioned in our review — it did come with its fair share of shortcomings and thus, there was still plenty of room for improvement in a followup. With OEMs introducing quality watch designs with solid aluminum builds, the Moto 360 is no [Read Entire Story]

Motorola announces the customizable Moto Selfie Stick, available in either wood or leather

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You can customize your own Moto X smartphone or Moto 360 smartwatch with Moto Maker, but a new accessory from Motorola is sure to excite you. Introducing the Moto Selfie Stick. Selfies are more about you than even your phone so why not make it as unique as you are? Starting right now, you can customize your own Moto Selfie Stick with wood or leather. Motorola can’t guarantee that you will capture fantastic shots of your kisser, but you will have fun holding your new stick!! Watch Motorola [Read Entire Story]

Motorola Teases Red Leather Moto Maker Option

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One of the features that allows Motorola to distinguish itself from the competition is its Moto Maker feature. This allows users to customize their handset ahead of its arrival, such as choosing its colors and backplate options. With the latest Moto X, Motorola introduced a leather option and it looks like a new option could be on its way. The company has recently teased on its Twitter that they could be adding a new leather option to its Moto Maker feature. According to the company, “What’s [Read Entire Story]